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The First Flourishing Fleurs!

Birds?! Sun?! WARMTH?! Spring is OFFICIALLY here! FINALLY it is time to bask in the sunlight and frolic through the flowers!

I am sure you have noticed the first few flowers peeping through the newly thawed tundra. They come in a range of colors from white, purple, yellow, and blue and are a pleasant sight amongst the greening grasses. Just what ARE these magical blossoming blooms?

They are Netted Irises, or Iris reticulata, if you're Latin. These lightly-scented flowers are usually violet-purple, although white, yellow, and light-blue are also prevalent. These little buggers multiply rapidly and can easily commandeer your lawn. They are one of the earliest irises flowering from February through early April, though with this horrid winter, they waited til they were SURE warm weather was here to stay!

Fun facts: Iris reticulata is a bulbous perennial iris that is native to Turkey, the Caucasus, Northern Iraq and Iran. The species name of reticulata is in reference to the netted or reticulate pattern on the dry bulbs. (Thanks, Missouri Botanical Garden)

From now on when you take your nature walks and morning strolls, you can confidently identify these premier poppers. I recommend loudly announcing every siting, so everyone can benefit from your knowledge. Commence the frolicking!

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