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Brief Birding in the Meadowlands!

A GLIMPSE at the excellent birding and wildlife along the trails of DeKorte Park in the NJ Meadowlands!

DeKorte Park is a 110-acre, open wetland nestled amongst the abundant phragmite of urban New Jersey and New York. Tree Swallows, Cottontails, Baltimore Orioles, Scarlet Tanagers, Cormorants, and many more aviaries and animals flock to this natural gem.

According to the New Jersey Medowlands Commision, the entire Meadowlands District, including DeKorte Park, is located along the Atlantic flway, one of three major routes used by migratory birds in North America. More than 270 species of birds live in or visit the region, so you are pretty much guaranteed to see some spectacular sites!

The park is open daily from 8 AM until dusk, giving you AMPLE birdnerding time. So next chance you get, head over to gander and meander through this enchanting refuge!

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