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CELEBRATE National Trails Day!

Click HERE to find a National Trails Day Event near you!

The LARGEST celebration of trails is happening THIS Saturday, June 7!

Bet you didn't even know there was such a thing. (If you did, HIGH FIVE!)

American Hiking Society created National Trails Day to celebrate America’s magnificent Trail System: "NTD features a series of outdoor activities, designed to promote and celebrate the importance of trails in the United States".

This annual event helps introduce thousands of Americans to hiking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, trail running, bird watching and MORE. How WUNDERBAR!

How did this delightful day come into being, you might ask? According to the AHS:

"National Trails Day evolved during the late ‘80s and ‘90s from a popular ethos among trail advocates, outdoor industry leaders and political bodies who wanted to unlock the vast potential in America’s National Trails System, transforming it from a collection of local paths into a true network of interconnected trails and vested trail organizations. This collective mindset hatched the idea of a singular day where the greater trail community could band together behind the NTD moniker to show their pride and dedication to the National Trails System."

In honor of NTD, I will be going on MY FIRST BACKPACKING TRIP (believe it or not). Marek and I will be heading to the Catskills for an introductory two-day, one-night stint to get my backpacking feet wet (perhaps literally)!

What will YOU do to celebrate the trails of the United States? Whether its going on a hike or paddling a river for the first time, just make sure to BE ADVENTUROUS!

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