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A Backpacking SUCCESS!

Click HERE for a full PHOTO ACCOUNT of our trip in the CATSKILLS.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - This past Saturday into Sunday, I went on my first EVER (granted mini) backpacking trip!

As per the NYNJTC's suggestion, we trekked through the Catskills along part of the Escarpment Trail up to Blackhead Mountain, a total of about 12 miles. Since it was a trial run for me, we kept the hiking within a shorter loop that stayed within reach of my automobile. Luckily, everything was just peachy and no solace was required!

Backpacking is a great way to explore sections of parks and wilderness that many people do not have access to on day-hikes. While this first trip was Backpacking 101, I'm confident that future trips will gradually become longer and more intricate, allowing for more unique hikes!

A few things to learn before you backpack:

  • How to properly pack

  • How to bring proper foodstuffs (and how to prepare them)

  • How to hang a bear bag!

  • How to start a fire

  • & much more!

I am thinking about creating instructional videos for a few of these topics as time goes on, so be on the lookout! For now, be sure to research these items and then some before attempting a backpacking trip...preparation is key!

Looking forward to upping my backpacking game, and sharing what I learn along the way!

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