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Off to Celebrate the Solstice!

Were you aware that tomorrow marks the official BEGINNING OF SUMMER?!

Set your clocks for the 5:24 AM sunrise, baby, and get ready for the longest day of the year!

In honor of this momentous occasion, we are going camping in the Lake George region of the Adirondacks! I cannot WAIT to get into that piney-fresh air and keep my eyes peeled for loons, moose, bears, and many other such critters.

Loons have to be one of my top 10 favorite birds, at least when it comes to name and character, right after Hawaii's Nene.

We will be exploring Lake George preferably by kayak, weaving through the islands that pepper its waters, hopefully getting off the beaten path and into wild seclusion. WOW that came out sensual, though Mother Nature is quite the fox...

WHEREVER we end up exploring, I am excited to get back into the wilderness, into the brisk air, and become one with the loons!

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