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Prattling about Paddling!

What a SUPERB way to begin the Summer!

Back from an enjoyable visit to Lake George over this first weekend of the solstice. The highlight, of course, being a voyage across its cerulean waters!

We traveled from the western shores of Bolton Landing (where Marek and I rented kayaks from Lake George Kayak Co.) to the Lake George Islands.

Talk about a unique way to camp. Atop these hop-scotch islands lie many tent campsites, available only by boat! The island sites are complete with wooden tent platforms, fire pits, and outhouses (though those were a bit less enticing, as it were).

These sites tend to fill up rather quickly due to their exclusivity and moderate privacy, depending on whether your island has trees or not. A BONUS for boat campers is the Glen Island general store for all your campsite necessities i.e. wood, bug spray, suntan lotion, etc. This store also served food as it is considered a deli, but I would recommend bringing your own foodstuffs before consuming subs that may have fulfilled their namesake while reaching the island.

After spending a day out on the water, we shipped back to Bolton Landing and returned to Hearthstone Point Campground for the evening. Cannot WAIT to get out into the fresh air again and again as the summer carries on!

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