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Classic NJ Hike: Pochuck Boardwalk Trail to Pinwheel Vista

Searching for a pleasurable promenade along the Appalachian Trail? SEARCH NO MORE!

Welcome to Pochuck Boardwalk trail in Northern New Jersey. Located along County Route 517 (GPS: 41°14'08.6"N 74°28'49.7"W, NYNJTC Trail Map), this 1-mile section of the 2160-mile AT is a wonderful place for a summer saunter.


Walking along this boarded pathway, you are guaranteed to see and hear a superfluity of birds including Marsh and Sedge Wrens, Yellow Warblers, as well as the ever-popular Red-Winged Blackbird.

Aside from birding, this pathway offers a suspension bridge overlook, along with plenty of peaceful bench-stops where you can sit in serenity while soaking up some sun.


If you care to continue past this marshy section, follow the trail into the forest and eventually emerge on to narrow boardways that lead you to Route 94, 2.4-miles away from your starting point.


Looking for a CHALLENGE? MOO-ve past the train tracks and cattle farm and over Rt. 94 to climb up to Wawayanda Mountain’s Pinwheel Vista (Blue Spur Trail). Hiking up to to this viewpoint adds another 1.3-miles to the hike one-way. From Pinwheel back to Route 517 is 7.4-miles roundtrip, and a satisfying workout to boot!


After your climb, retrace your steps back along the boardways, forests, and boardwalks and return to your automobile along County Route 517.


Overall, this hike is super fun and can be as long as you desire. Be certain to traverse this trail if you’re ever lookin’ for an exceptional New Jersey hike!

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