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Ring-a-ding Dingman's Falls

BEHOLD the second highest waterfall in the state of Pennsylvania, Dingman's Falls!

With a waterplummet of 130 feet, this sizable falls is quite the site, especially after a recent rainfall as we saw it. In order to reach this spectacle within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, you will need to park at the Dingman's Falls Visitor Center (click here for directions).

Once you place your car amongst those of fellow nature-walkers, you'll begin the easy, 0.4 mile (0.8 roundtrip) trek to this wondrous site. Just past the visitor's center (complete with educational displays, gift shop, and hole-in-the-ground bathrooms), you'll make your way along the boardwalked trail.


Just a few steps into your journey, you'll stroll past feathery Silverthread Falls. Though it was formed naturally, this elegantly geometric water feature looks as if someone carved it into place!

Continuing on the boarded trail through groves of hemlock and rhododendron, you will begin to hear the unmistakable gushing of Dingman's rapid-flowing waters.


Before you know it, you'll be gawking at the dazzling white waters of this cascade as they triumphantly tumble down the rocky ravine. After profuse rains, expect to be generously misted as you ogle the falls from the viewing platform (a welcome feature on a hot summer's day).

For an up-close-and-personal experience, climb up the wooden stairs to the left of the viewpoint to reach the top of the falls. You'll be rewarded with differing perspectives along Dingman's Creek as well as birds-eye views into the forest's lush canopy.


Who knew such a fantastic place existed, and only a little over an hour from me in Jersey (1.5 from NYC)! The best part? There is so much more the Delaware Water Gap offers, including more extensive hiking, camping, and boating down the Delaware River itself! Looks like I have a lot to add to my to-do list...

So go ahead, fall for Dingman's!

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