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The NYNJTC Welcomes you to Breakneck Ridge!

Today marks the release of an informational video I created for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference! In this production, the NYNJTC trail stewards divulge their "Top Tips" for hiking Breakneck Ridge in the Hudson Highlands of New York.

One of the most popular hikes in the country, this trail attracts a surfeit of visitors every weekend, from New York City and beyond! Many of these visitors, however, are not only unfamiliar with the area, but are unfamiliar with hiking! Luckily, the trail stewards provide guidance on how to enjoy a fun, safe trip up Breakneck's craggy ridge.

The NYNJTC is an excellent organization that creates, protects and maintains a network of over 2,000 miles of public trails in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. According to their website:

"The Trail Conference organizes volunteer service projects that keep these trails open, safe, and enjoyable for the public...The [NYNJTC] is a nonprofit organization with a membership of 10,000 individuals and 100 clubs that have a combined membership of over 100,000 active, outdoor-loving people."

If YOU want to become a member of the Trail Conference, JOIN TODAY for volunteer opportunities, training workshops, and did I mention store discounts? "Don't take trails for granted" and support this organization's wonderful mission to help you get into the outdoors!

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