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Discovering Glen Onoko Falls


OBSERVE Glen Onoko Falls in Lehigh Valley Gorge State Park, Pennsylvania! Yes, not only does this area offer miles of biking trails and river trips down the Lehigh River, exceptional hiking opportunities ALSO abound.

Glen Onoko is not just one waterfall but a SERIES of falls, cascading down the sides of State Game Lands 141 and emptying into the Lehigh River within Lehigh Gorge State Park.

To reach this visual feast, park in the lot at the "Glen Onoko Access Point" (GPS: 40.883555, -75.760422).

I would advise arriving early as this trail can become very congested with HUGANTICOUS groups come noontime. Interestingly, Jim Thorpe clientele seem to run on a later schedule, so even beginning around 10:30am proved to dodge the crowds.

Be advised: Before beginning this 2.1 mile round-trip trek, be sure to have STURDY FOOTWEAR as the rocks are extremely slippery in places, not to mention steep.


To begin your expedition, follow signage as well as a plethora of orange trail blazes to make your way up Glen Onoko Creek. While it begins rather tamely, the trail quickly becomes slick and rocky as you ascend the waterchute.


Within this stretch of trail, the creek drops 860 vertical feet, creating cascade after cascade of winsome waters lined by rhododendrons.


There's even an opportunity to explore the innards of one waterfall where a trail offers you access to behind its falling waters. A refreshing respite for those blazin' summer days!


Once you reach the top of Glen Onoko creek, its time to make your way back down to the base of the falls. Watch your step as descending can prove more difficult since gravity will insist on pulling you down those ever-slick rocks!

All in all, I would label this a top-notch site to see if you find yourself in the Jim Thorpe area of Lehigh Valley Gorge State Park, so be sure to check it out!


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