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A Foray into Barnegat Bay


This past week, I spent some time on New Jersey's own Long Beach Island. A respite from the hustle-bustle beaches further north, and a great place for some R&R with the family.


While most of my time was spent loungin' beach bum style, I made sure to remain active by taking "long walks on the beach", birding, and kayaking Barnegat Bay!


Boating this bay was a magnificent way to see many a shorebird including osprey (above and below), oystercatchers, piping plovers, sanderlings, egrets, and MORE! I was geeking out in the best possible way upon spotting all this wondrous avifauna.


What you may not know about this incredible ecosystem is that it is struggling to survive due to constant environmental threats. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of organizations like Save Barnegat Bay, this area's livelihood is given a much-needed BOOST.


Save Barnegat Bay‘s mission:

"To restore and protect Barnegat Bay and it’s ecosystem...through effective educational programs and targeted advocacy campaigns that engage over 1,500 Save Barnegat Bay members who cherish the Bay as a natural, recreational, and economical resource for the community and all of New Jersey."


So next time you paddle your way into the bay, make sure to thank SBB for their continuing efforts to preserve its waters, and perhaps even lending them a hand in its protection!

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