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An ODE to Harriman State Park!


For those of you located in the NY-Metro area, I am sure you have heard if not visited MANY times Harriman State Park.

If you haven't...COME ON DOWN! Or over...or up...whichever direction suits your needs best!

This 46,613 acre park is just 30 miles north of New York City and houses over 200 miles of hiking trails. Yep, two-flippin' hundred miles of hiking goodness right under your nose!


YEA BABY and we're not just talkin' boring ol' nature strolls here. We're talkin' mountains and pinetums, streams and lakes, crevaces and MINES! (Pine Swamp Mine pictured below)


WOWEE this park has so much to offer! In addition to hiking opps, Harriman also houses shelters (yes, that phrase makes sense) for overnight backpackers. These well-maintained lean-tos are a nice way for explorers to get into moderate wilderness, even if its just for the night. And kids, always remember carry-in carry-out and LEAVE NO TRACE!


I am a HUGE fan of Harriman when it comes to day-hiking. SO many of its trails incorporate vistas and forest-gazing, all thanks to the work of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, of course.


Since Harriman is so close to NYC and other high-populous locales, some trails tend to get a bit congested. That's when maps are AWESOME, allowing you to venture outside of the Visitors Center realm of the park and deeper into its wonders! Don't be afraid to take the path less traveled...


So there you have it, an excess of reasons to discover the intrigues Harriman State Park. If you want some inspiration on where to start hiking, check out the NYNJTC's hike suggestions HERE.

Otherwise, grab a map, and head to the park to make your own itinerary for adventure!

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