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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Unboring Exploring!


Has it been ONE YEAR already since the site was launched?!

Yes, yes it has.

And what a whirlwind year it has been! Since I already did a roundup of our past advetures HERE, this post will be dedicated to the futureee.

What is in the works for Unboring Exploring, you might ask? A short list would include:

  • MORE backpacking trips!

  • MORE adventures in far away lands... (to be revealed next month ;) )

  • MORE local hiking adventures in New Jersey and New York

  • MORE Northeast adventures i.e. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, maybe even Maine!

  • Upping the video count to include more than just hiking guides, like how-to's, nature walks, and birding excursions! ( can never have too many birding excursions)

  • Ugh, and so much more..!

I am excited to explore more of everyone's favorite local haunts within the Hudson Highlands, Harriman State Park, the Gunks, the Catskills, Delaware Water Gap, Norvin Green, and beyond. If you ever have a hiking locale that tickles your fancy and would like transformed into an episode of Unboring Exploring, get at me! LOVE having your insight and input.

All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and contributed to the continuing success of Unboring Exploring. Whether by submitting blog entries (Jesse Manzi, Jeremiah Zion Lo, James Sterling, John Runfeldt, Stefanie Campolo), sharing MY story (Undiscovered America, More Than Just Parks, Northerast Explorer, GetOutsideNJ, National Parks Traveler...) interacting on the Facebook page, or even promoting by word of mouth! This series would not be what it is without you, so go ahead and give yourselves a nice, slow, satisfying pat on the back. Make it two.

Also in the coming months, I will be contemplating even MORE ways (more seems to be the key word for this post...) for you to interact with me, the site, and the series. So STAY TUNED and gear' up for another excellently "unboring" year!

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