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ENTERED to be the Next Tavel Channel Star!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I have officially entered to be the Next Travel Channel Star! Voting commences May 11 if I make the final keep them fingers crossed!

We had so much fun filming in Minnewaska State Park Preserve, sunshine and warmth abounding!


The waterfall (as seen in the preview) is Awosting Falls, a 60-foot spectacle right past the entrance to the park. With all of the snowmelt we've thankfully been experiencing, the falls were in fabulous form, CASCADING away as we filmed.


Beyond the falls, we moved on to Lake Minnewaska, an extremely popular destination for many visitors. With its gorgeous vistas overlooking the lake and abundant grasslands for picnicking, it's no wonder these parking lots fill up quickly once warm weather arrives.


Further still, we trekked the road less traveled toward Gertrude's Nose. Here you will run into far fewer hikers, though on a nice day such as last Sunday, you will certainly not be alone. Once you venture off the carriage roads encircling Lake Minnewaska and set off on the red-blazed footpath, substantial views and glacial erratics await your ever-eager eyes.


For a detailed description of the hike to Gertrude's Nose, check out my previous blog entry on the journey here.

Win or lose, I am still thrilled to be sharing this fantastic place with all of y'all, and hope you get inspired to explore the Gunks for yourself!

P.S. Better keep those toes crossed too, though ;)

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