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Hiking Wyanokie High Point and Chikahoki Falls in Norvin Green SF

May day, MAY DAY…It's SPRING baby! That means it's time to get out on them trails and start exploring new and exciting places.

In this latest episode, I take you on a circa 5 mile hike within Norvin Green State Forest in northern New Jersey.


Norvin Green is home to the highest concentration of trails in the state with over 5,000 acres and nearly 50 miles of trails to traverse! Impressive.

To best experience this park’s delights, I recommend making both Wyanokie High Point and Chikahoki Falls your destinations of choice. While there are many ways to reach both of these landmarks, we decided a loop hike would be best to take in as much of good ol’ Norvin as possible.


For a closer look at the trail system within this forest, be sure to check out the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference's page where you’ll find a printable map to take on your trek!

One thing I would like to mention about this area and, frankly, ALL areas I highlight, is that whenever you head out on a hike, always be sure to show respect for your surroundings.


As fellow wanderes like me, I am sure you use the utmost care when trekking in natural places. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for others. If you are ever out hiking and notice a wrapper or any other sign of detrimental human interaction, try to carry it out with you, giving a hand to organizations like the NYNJTC who keep these places beautiful.


So, my nature-respecting, carry-in-carry-outters, when you go forth and wander the wilds of nature, be sure to take your reawakened sense of tree-huggery with you.

I’m coming down from my soapbox now.


See you on the trail!

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