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BOOMING blooms at the New Jersey Botanical Garden


Isn’t today just SPLENDIFEROUS?! Mother Nature is jumping right into summer this year, huh?

While the weather is perplexing, as ever, the season still remains the same: Spring! These warm days have made everything POP into life, albeit rapidly, giving you an ever-shrinking window to catch the lingering spring blooms.


Now where oh where, you wonder, should you wander?

Sounds like a tongue-twister...

An outstanding place to take in the season’s enchanting eye candy is the New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands in Ringwood State Park…or NJBG for short.


The NJBG has 96 acres of beautifully maintained land covered in blossoming trees, flowers, shrubs and picnic-able lawns - not to mention various sculptures and a Tudor-revival manor home. What’s not to love!?


In addition to all of these fantastic amenities, the surrounding Ringwood State Park is filled with hiking and mountain biking trails accessible right from the Garden’s grounds (Parking Lot C, to be exact)!


The BEST part is (as if it could get any better)…Admission is FREE! You heard me.

Aside from the $5 State parking fee on summer weekends ($7 for out-of-state), you have full access to the Botanical Gardens’ sensational sites, as well as Ringwood’s extensive trail system.


As for the other particulars on visiting:

Parking Lot A is most convenient to the Carriage House Visitor Center, the Concert Lawn and the Manor House.

Parking Lot B provides easy access to the Lilac Garden, the Great Lawn, the Peony Garden, and the Azalea Garden.

Parking Lot C is a favorite for hikers and mountain bikers with direct access to trails.

Oh, and don’t forget your MAP!

Now if you visit these Garden’s and get the itch to give back, you’re in luck! Volunteers are always needed to help in the garden and with special projects. Visit their website for all the information you need.


So visit the New Jersey Botanical Garden’s stunning landscapes before the flowers flee and take in yet another gem within the Garden State.

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