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VIDEO: Spring Showers in Harriman State Park


Just because the weather seems dismal, doesn’t mean a romp in the woods is out of the question!

Welcome to Harriman State Park’s Pine Meadow Trail on a mystical, magical, rainy day. As you may know, this area of the park is filthy with waterways and rivulets, perfect for fans of long-exposure photography ;).


So long as you come prepared for the elements with rain jacket, pack-fly, and waterproof boots, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself while winding in and out of the glistening tree trunks.


You can access this trail from the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center off Seven Lakes Drive, probably THE most popular spot within Harriman on “nice” days. On days like this, however, you can easily find parking and a bit of solitude as you hike this normally bustling pathway.


The freshly sprouted vegetation and leaflets gave great contrast against the waterlogged backdrops of the forest. Wood you blame me for spending time in this saturated landscape? ...Saturated like…colors…All right, I’ve gone too far.


So the next time the heaven’s open up and offer spring showers, put on your raingear and get on the trail to experience the forest in a whole new light!

Watch a video-snippet of this rainy Harriman visit below!

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