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VIDEO: Bear Mountain at Sunset

Relish in the hues and views atop Bear Mountain at sunset. Even though this peak faces east, the scenery remains to die for and offers expansive vistas of the Hudson River Valley, as well as nearby Harriman State Park.


This area exemplifies New York's dichotomy of urban jungle and natural wilderness as the New York City skyline lingers in the background of this stunning landscape.


While this vista is normally abuzz with visitors, on a weeknight evening, you can find pleasant solitude amongst the swaying grasses and open rockfaces surrounding Perkins Memorial Tower.


Oh, and let's not forget all of the abounding wildlife present this time of day! I admired this chipping sparrow as a chorus of gray tree frogs sang from the valley below, right before coming face to face with a grazing white-tailed deer. Quite the mountaintop menegerie!


Overall, I would highly recommend this spot if you want to take in the sunset while immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of this phenomenol park. Why not tonight? ;)

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