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Ricketts Glen State Park SNEAK PEAK!


WHAT WONDROUS GLORY AWAITS! This past weekend we ventured to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsyltucky...I mean -vania. This 13,050 acre park houses 22 free-flowing waterfalls along the appropriately named Falls Trail and is home to the 94-foot Ganoga Falls, seen above.


Through old growth forests and abundant wildlife these cascades flow, giving you innumerous scenic landscapes to take in. The 3.6 mile hike taken to absorb all of this beauty is well worth the knee-pummeling downgrade and strenuous upgrade as you make your way through the rocky glen.


Stay tuned for a full-on episode of Unboring Exploring featuring this unbelievable hike coursing with curiosities! The best part is, I'm only getting started with the water-related puns :D.

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