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VIDEO: The Falls Trail of Ricketts Glen State Park

I cannot get ENOUGH of this trail! The 3.6 mile Falls Trail loop of Ricketts Glen State Park is brimming with NONSTOP ACTION, boasting over 16 waterfalls along its rocky pathway. While the length is short, I would classify this hike as moderately strenuous as the trek down Ganoga Glen followed by the climb up Glen Leigh is quite the leg-pummeler.


However, due to its shortness, you can leisurely take your time on this trail as you saunter past each glimmering cascade as they carve their way through the gorge.

Since there had been quite the deluge the night before our hike, the waterfalls were in top form and did not disappoint.


Be sure to have grippy hiking shoes as the trail conditions can be slippery at times, not to mention quite steep down and up the glens. Additionally, give yourself plenty of time to complete the loop in order to flood your senses with all of it's gorgeous sights.

Had enough of me yet?


Overall, I highly recommend this hike if you are looking for something different to explore that is still relatively close to our area. Oh, and Just a heads up: If you plan to camp at the Ricketts Glen Campground, be aware that Lake Jean has been drained! So no swimming for you. Even so, it's still a great facility to use if you want to conquer the hike while campin' out.

Still want more? Watch the FULL EPISODE below!

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