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Long Beach Island Loungin'


Have no fear, I'm still here! Please excuse my brief hiatus as I have been holiday-ing on Long Beach Island for the past few days. This 18 mile barrier island along New Jersey's coast is a superb spot to take in uncrowded seascapes and spot a surfeit of shorebirds.


One of the best locations to see these spectacular avians is at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park on the northern-most point of the island. This unique environment is home to not just ol' Barney (see below), but also a maritime forest filled with Black Cherry, Sassafras, Eastern Red Cedar, and American Holly.


This forest is what makes this area so appealing to our feathered friends as it provides a resting and feeding area for them along their migration to and from their breeding sites...#themoreyouknow.

Once I return home, I will be assembling the Mohonk Preserve & Labyrinth Trail Wanderblog for your viewing stay tuned! Until then, feel free to live vacirously through this photograph and drink in the stunning scenery that is the Jersey Shore...ahhhh.


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