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We're OFF to Washington State!

Background courtesy of Zack Frank Photography,

Today's the day, folks! We are headed off to the "Upper Left" United States aka the Pacific Northwest aka Washington State for some camping, backpacking, and action-packed adventure-time.

We will be taking in the stunning coastline of Olympic National Park, as well as its mossy rainforests filled with unbelievably old, BEHEMOTH trees.

THEN we will be moving on to the infrequently visited "American Alps" or North Cascades National Park, with its dramatic mountainscapes and alpine wonderlands. This park only receives about 20,000 visitors annually whereas Olympic NP receives 3,000,000 visitors...quite the difference! [ Visit here for more fun National Park stats ;) ]

Background courtesy of Zack Frank Photography,

We hope to also explore the trails surrounding Stehekin within Lake Chelan National Recreation Area of the Cascades, a location only accessible by a 4-hour ferryboat. Remote much?

All in all, I am brimming with anticipation and excitement to explore places I have never seen while attempting to absorb their unbelievable landscapes. Oh, and I cannot WAIT to return and produce NEW episodes featuring our escapades in these incredible parks...pinch me!

In the meantime, keep a lookout for a video featuring our visit to White Lake in Warren County, NJ..I have it scheduled for next Tuesday, & it's a beaut!

Until we return...happy trails!

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