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VIDEO: Backpacking the Olympic Coast Preview


ACK August, where are you going?!

Before the month is through, expect a full-length episode of Unboring Exploring featuring our backpacking trip along the Olympic Coast of Washington.

We trekked an incredible circa 12.8 mi. out-and-back route from Third Beach to Toleak Point, along sea stacks and over rainforested trails when the beach was no more.


The first day was quintessentially Olympic with a constant mist thoroughly soaking us through. Luckily, once we reached camp at Toleak, the rain abated and a beautiful sunset concluded our first day. The way back to Third Beach on Day 2 was dazzlingly beautiful, with hardly a cloud in the sky! There was no better way to roundout such a wonderful adventure.

Expect the FULL episode soon, but take a look below at the preview of our coastal journey :) :

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