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Visiting Our Old Friend, Bonticou Crag


Sometimes you just want to re-conquer a classic...

This past weekend, we decided to revisit one of our favorite local rock scrambles, Bonticou Crag in New York State. It was like climbing all over an old friend and then celebrating once you stood atop their head!

...what just happened?

If you're completely at a loss for what on earth I'm talking about, Bonticou Crag in the New York Gunks' Mohonk Preserve is a must for you thrill-seeking hikers out there. The rock scramble is über satisfying and a welcome change from the insanity of Breakneck Ridge. Let's be real, I think we've all had enough of that congested scramble ;)


Before you consider climbing Bonticou's tantalizing talus fragments, make sure you are confident in your agility and aren't afraid of heights. To demonstrate how confidently agile and unafraid you must be, here are the views looking up...


...aaand looking down...


Yea. So be prepared for all that hair-raising goodness.

Still game? Then come on down (said Price is Right style, obviously) to the Spring Farm Trailhead [GPS 41.794616, -74.128513], pay the $12 per person entry fee, and begin your 3.5 mile loop! Be advised, parking is limited so make sure to show up early on weekends. For full details on getting to this hike and location specifics, visit the NYNJTC website.

Even in late fall, this trek is dazzling with its grandiose views of the Catskills...


(thumbs up indeed)

...and overall breathtakingness that is the Gunks year-round. How could you not be obsessed with this place?!


For the real-deal, virtually tackle Bonticou Crag in real time! (not really) below:

Happy trails!

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