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VIDEO: White Lake in Warren County, NJ


Howdy, everyone!

Now that the big bird has been devoured and we have all thoroughly digested our family’s antics, it’s time to get back to work!

I am excited to share my project on White Lake in Warren County, NJ, a dazzling park nestled within the Ridge and Valley Province of the state. With crystal clear waters to paddle, numerous trails to trek, an historic farm to explore, and ruins to discover, this hidden gem is a haven for nature lovers and history buffs alike!


This project was created for the Warren County Department of Land Preservation to help promote their glorious park system. In addition to White Lake, I photographed Port Warren, Marble Hill, Bread Lock Park, and Florence W. Kuipers Park, many of which lie along the Morris Canal Greenway.


Ever heard of these places? NOW ya have! This project is meant to highlight these intriguing parks so more people (like you!) can explore their bounties. I’m all for encouraging people to discover the fruits of the Garden State ;)


Come next year (which, mind you, is only a month away), the Land Preservation peeps will be launching their new site, The site will offer all sorts of fun tidbits about the parks within Warren County and will assuredly get you itchin’ to check ‘em out!

For now, please enjoy the promotional video for White Lake below and reminisce about days of summers passed…ahhh, I can feel that warm breeze now…

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