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From Mountains to Oceans, a Recap of Our Adventures in 2015!


Happy New Year, all you adventure-seeking outdoor lovers!

This past year brought about many trips and travels near and far, with some standout performances from the West Coast as well as a certain Northeastern mountain range…

It all began last winter with record-setting snowfalls and, thusly, amazing XC-skiing opps. We took advantage of the #powpow at High Point State Park, Minnewaska State Park, Clarence Fahnestock State Park, and Mohonk Preserve. No complaints here about the snow! At least from a purely recreational standpoint.


Early Spring brought on a trip to the San Francisco area and explorations of Muir Woods and Point Reyes National Seashore…both dazzling spectacles of nature’s bounty.


Once the spring rains began to fall, I decided to start venturing out to experiment with my photographic skillzzz…one such trip being to Harriman State Park along the ever-popular Pine Meadow Trail. The bonus of going out during the rain being solace ;).


Another water feature-riddled trip we took was to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. A MUST for those seeking innumerable waterfalls and a rewarding hike down and up impressive, hardwood glens.


Mid-summer brought me to Long Beach Island in New Jersey, a loungiful spot where I spent time with family and awoke at sunrise to capture this ephemeral shot of the lapping waves…


Later that same month (July), we headed out to the Pacific Northwest to Washington State, a place that had been on our to-do list for quite some time. We backpacked along the Olympic Coast (which was uh-ma-zing)…


Walked through the Hoh Rainforest which was b-e-a-utiful…


…and explored the immense wonders of North Cascades, an often overlooked National Park that deserves major props. Just look at those pinnacles!


After the PNW, we were inspired to take on more mountaintops, only this time in the Northeast in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Franconica Ridge along the Appalachian Trail is a prime example of just how epic the Beast Coast can be ;)


Then came the fall where we had the most brilliant foliage I can remember. In Shenandoah National Park, VA we ogled this illustrious waterfall…


…while Harriman offered plenty of its own beauty along the Ramapo-Dunderberg trail.


Finally came late fall into winter, where temps remained rather balmy, allowing us to explore the wonders of Mohonk Preserve’s Lost City…another excellent hike right in our backyard!


(I know, I look super awesome)

Which brings us to NOW. We’re currently are getting back into the swing of things, contemplating new adventures and praying for some XC-ski worthy snow (but, y’know, maybe not as much as last year…).

Here’s to hopin’ you and yours enjoy a year filled with campin’, hikin’, backcountry cookin’ and all that gooood stuff :D Cheers to 2016!


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