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Tackle 1 (or 2!) of these NY/NJ Hikes this Weekend


Why hello, unseasonably warm, freakishly nice-for-February weather, nice of you to swing by for the weekend.

While this weather is rather unnerving for those of us who love some o’ dat powpow (…I’m so cool), make the best of the sunshine and warmth by setting off on a hike!

After yesterday’s rains and considerable snowmelt, it’s hard to say what exactly conditions will be like in our area…though I am pretty hopeful. If they’re anything like last weekend (& presumably better), trails were pretty awesome with just gators and trekking poles.

[Pointer: Check the NYNJTC’s Trail Conditions Page for intel]

So, assuming the trails are cooperative as long as you come prepared i.e. trekking poles, micro spikes, gators…here a few spots to worth trekking!

1. Lake Skannatati trailhead, Harriman State Park, NY (not Reeeves Meadow ;) )


From this spot in Northern Harriman, you can access the ASB trail that leads you to Times Square and beyond. Last weekend we ventured until the Blue Lichen trail to make a 6 mile loop passing through shady pinetums, expansive rockfaces and past erratics like Ship Rock. With more time, you could make any number of loops to include reaching Lemon Squeezer, Bowling Rocks, and a number of abandoned mines along the way!

Directions here.

2. Pochuck Boardwalk to Pinwheel Vista, North Jersey


This is one of my all-time favorite hikes in the area as it offers boardwalk hoppin’, cow ogglin’ and moderate climbin’ up to Pinwheel Vista. In other words, this hike will keep you entertained. At 7.4 miles round-trip starting from County Route 517, you’ll go from a boardwalk, to a forest, to a cow pasture, to a rocky climb all in the same journey! Be sure to milk it for all its worth :D

Directions here.

Full hike description here.

3. Gertrude’s Nose, Minnewaska State Park, NY


Another one of my top picks ever, this hike in the Gunks has such spectacular views and topography and pitch pines and cleavage…rock cleavage that is…that there’s no denying its splendor. You’ll be amazed at how much natural excellence can be squeezed into this 5.5 mile roundtrip hike. It certainly stands out from the rest!

Directions here.

Full hike description here.

4. Wyanokie High Point & Chikahoki Falls, Norvin Green State Forest, NJ

This circa 5 mile loop through northern Jersey’s Norvin Green SF is another gem of this area. With excellent views, plenty of booty-burning climbs, and a Zen-like waterfall, this hike is so going on your to-do list. Plus, with all of the recent rain and snowmelt, Chikahoki Falls is bound to be a veritable cascade this weekend!

Directions here.

PDF Map.

Wahoo! 4 very different hikes to choose from for the weekend. Sprinkle a couple over your Saturday and Sunday and you are sure to be one happy camper!

Have any other hike suggestions? Post ‘em on the UnbEx Facebook Page and share the wealth!

Until next time, happy trails!

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