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Flowers, Waterfalls, and Birding: 6 Spring Hot-Spots to Explore!



Yes, spring is FINALLY taking the weather-wheel, granting us permission to frolic in the ample sunlight overhead and greening grasses underfoot.

In honor of the imminent glory that is to be this weekend, I have compiled a few of my favorite spots to do some of my favorite spring activities! These bad boys will be good for the next month or so, so don’t think you have to cram them all into one weekend ;) Let’s-a-go!

1. Where to Spot Flowers as they POP:

New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands, Ringwood State Park


If you haven’t wandered the ample grounds of the NJBG, you, sir, are missing out! As the weather continues it’s pleasant upswign, the flowering trees and everything will begin showing off their eye-poppin’ beauty. Find out the deets here!

2. Where to See WATERFALLS after Spring Showers:

Peanut Leap Falls, Palisades Interstate Park, NJ

As part of the loop incorporating the Giant Stairs, Peanut Leep Falls is a delightful sight as it plunges toward the Hudson River. Take a look!

Dingmans Falls, Delaware Water Gap National Rec. Area, PA


If you’re looking for a more casual, family-friendly jaunt, check out Dingmans Falls just over the border from NJ into PA! This nature walk-style adventure is a fabulous way to spend a day after a strenuous hike ;)

Verkeerderkill Falls, Sam's Point Area of Minnewaska State Park, NY

So you still haven’t conquered this unbelievably beautiful hike? Ain’t no time like the present! On top of the deep-dark-chilltastic ice caves, Verkeerderkill Falls awaits after you take in the ample scenery of the Shawangunk Ridge. Yes, yes, YES!

And, for good measure…

3. Where to Go Birding!

(So this may be a personal favorite spring activity of mine ;P)

High Point State Park, NJ

During late Maygration and then some, all-manner of warblers and other sub-tropical migrants make their way through High Point State Park. Best way to see ‘em is by hiking along the Appalachian Trail up to the High Point Monument…because birding is always better with a view!

DeKorte Park, Meadowlands, NJ


For those looking for a leisurely bird-stroll, DeKorte Park in the Meadowlands is a superb place to spot loads of migrating avians. From butter-butts (yellow-rumped warblers) to orioles to a plethora of waterfowl, the Meadowlands is a birding paradise!

All righty then! I think that’s enough outdoorsy inspiration to kick-off the season right.

Know of any top spring spots yourself? Place ‘em in the comments below! I’m always eager to explore new territory ;)

Happy trails!

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