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VIDEO: Calming, Meditative Scenes in Nature

Because sometimes all you need is a soothing pick-me-up ;)

Sit back and enjoy this array of footage from the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness of Colorado, Harriman State Park in NY, Skylands Manor in NJ, the ADK High Peaks, North Cascades National Park in WA, and a cameo by a lizard in Zion National Park, UT.

Nothin' wrong with lapping up some feel-good, natural splendor!

On another note, expect to see a NEW EPISODE featuring our backpacking trip within that same gloriously mountainous, Coloradan landscape seen at this video's start. A journey bound to excite your inner adventurer and incite a longing for a wilderness escape (always a good thing). Keep an eye out over the next couple weeks for its official release. Currently, I'm in the pre-editing process of looking through footage and reminiscing of that luminescent aplenglow those Rocky Mountains are famous for...ahhh...

Anywho, I do hope you enjoyed this calming respite as a start to a new week and a reminder of all the wonder out there...NATURE #FTW!

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