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4 Funtastic Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!


A jubilant Earth Day to you, good sirs and madams!

This Saturday marks the 47th anniversary of the Earthling-only celebration supporting environmental protection. Ever since its beginning in 1970, this day is a fantastic excuse to go out and enjoy the fruits of Mother Nature!

Here’s a short list of 4 funtastic ways you can celebrate our glorious planet:


Duh! Get out on the trails and take in all of nature’s bounty. Looking to explore some place new? Try out the NYNJTC's Hike Finder for suggestions! Show your appreciation for what your eyes behold by carrying out at least one piece of garbage, it’ll do your soul good! (frankly, I’d recommend this effort every time you hit the trail ;) )



Looking to take in the glorious blooms of spring? I suggest paying the NJ Botanical Garden a visit. With it’s sprawling lawn meant for picnicking and bunches of blossoming bushes and cherry trees, the NJBG is an exquisite way to spend an afternoon. In honor of Earth Day, consider donating to their cause and supporting this gem amongst the Garden State.


3. VOLUNTEER, gosh darnit!

If you really want to give back, pick any number of organizations and volunteer your time. Whether it be a local cleanup at the Palisades, putting your love of nature into action with the Nature Conservancy, counting migratory birds with the Audubon Society, or building a trail with the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, there are SO many ways you can participate.


4. Attend an EARTH DAY EVENT!

If you are looking for even more ways to get involved with Earth Day (and Arbor Day, next Friday), peruse this list of events happening all over our area and choose whatever tickles your fancy! You can meet-and-greet amphibians at the Tenafly Nature Center, get a free tree in Mahwah, attend the Northern Valley Earth Fair...and MUCH much more!

Whatever you decide, choose something that will make the trees hug you back. And remember, the celebration doesn’t have to end today. As the Earth Day Network says,

“Earth Day is Every Day. To build a better future, we all must commit to protect our environment year-round.”

Here here!

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