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VIDEO: Hiking Gertrude's Nose/Millbrook Mountain Loop

Trip Type: Day hike, loop

Where: Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Gunks, NY

Trailhead: 5281 Route 44-55, Kerhonkson, NY 12446


Length: 8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate, some steep sections + rock scrambling

Notes: $10 Parking Fee

Seasons: Spring, summer, fall, winter (beware of ice if hiking in winter)

Come along as we explore one of the most scenic hikes in all of the Gunks! Located in Minnewaska State Park Preserve, this 8-mile roundtrip trek features endless panoramas, plentiful glacial erratics, AND perilous cliffs...What more could you ask for?! Oh, and let's not forget the parks "sky lakes" and cheek-pinchingly cute pitch pines. The time is ripe to take in the veritable cornucopia of natural beauty offered by this hike!

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