VIDEO: 10-Day Iceland Roadtrip - The Westfjords to the South Coast

The land of ice and fire (and so. many. PUFFINS!) awaits you in this recap video of our recent 10-day camping roadtrip in #Iceland. Join us as we explore this sub-arctic island country from its remote, bird-filled Westfjords to its waterfall-rich South Coast while indulging in some tantalizing travel tips along the way!

I cannot believe this summer is already coming to an end oh-so-soon! I do hope to get out and explore more before the season officially ends next month - so stay tuned for updates from me hopefully more often than not as the weeks go by ;) I thoroughly enjoyed creating this video using a new, fun (maybe too much fun?) software and plan on producing more videos like this in the future. Maybe I will FINALLY get to those instructional "how-tos"...Fingers crossed I stay on track and hop back onto the content-creating wagon!

If you are planning a trip to Iceland soon, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about camping, gear, food, sights to see, etc. Always happy to chat!

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