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4 Adventures for Labor Day Weekend!


As it is the EVE of Labor Day weekend, I thought it’d be a perfect time for a round-up of Labor Days passed. Wanted to supply you with plenty of stoke before you head off on your own end-of-summer adventures!

Sidenote: The “older” episodes of Unboring Exploring have quite a different look about them. Let’s just call it “old-timey charm” ;)

Let’s begin with a trip to the Eastern Adirondacks where we conquered Pharaoh Mountain. A heads up: You will gain nearly all of this mountain’s elevation when climbing from the trailhead…at least nearly. Makes it quite the workout on a hot summer’s day! Check it out below:

Another year, we travelled to the Adirondacks yet again, this time to the High Peaks Region. Instead of clambering up the ever-popular Mt. Marcy, we tackled equally formidable Whiteface Mountain. At 12 miles roundtrip and an elevation of 4,867 feet, this peak is just waiting to kick your butt. Take a look at the hike in its entirety here:

Now, fast-forward to our return to Acadia National Park in Maine. While we had visited this park 4 years prior, it was time for a redux, camera in hand. We re-defeated the Precipice Trail, with epic results! Take a look:

A couple years back circa Labor Day voyage, we headed up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire to take on the Franconia Ridge Traverse. With 9 miles roundtrip and 3 summits to summit…this hike certainly lived up to its hype! See for yourself below:

Phewf! Hope all of those escapades got you psyched for whatever adventures you’re off to this weekend.

Until then, happy trails!

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